eGPU for Mac OS X + Linux; What enclosure? What laptop for Linux?
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eGPU for Mac OS X + Linux; What enclosure? What laptop for Linux?  


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Needs to support Mac & Linux

  • My goal is to buy an enclosure to plug in both Mac and Linux laptops with thunderbolt 3. I'm also interested to get opinions on laptops switched over to Linux being used with eGPUs. Trying to find a solution that would give me a single cable solution.
  • I've already got an XFX AMD Radeon RX 580 GTS Black Edition, which has the three displayport I'd like to use to hook up to three LG 27UK600-W displays. It's minimum power is 500W, which seems a bit high and would require the Razer Core X to use, I think?
  • I've got a Caldigit TS3 Plus right now that I've been using with my work laptop (described below). I've read that you cannot chain an eGPU through that as the eGPU needs to have primary access to a thunderbolt 3 port. Otherwise, I'd go with the Razer Core X and chain it into the Caldigit.

Looking for new laptop for Linux

  • At work, I've got a 2018 Macbook Pro 15-inch with a Radeon 560. At home, I'm looking to get a new, lightweight laptop and run some variant of ArchLinux on it as my old laptop is not thunderbolt 3. I can fiddle with the XOrg configs or other stuff later. Just looking to see what laptops people are using that have decent functionality when using Linux.

Want an enclosure with USB + Ethernet without latency/stability issues

  • The Razer Core X has the charge wattage I need for the Macbook Pro (85W? 87W?) by offering 100W over thunderbolt 3, which seems to be the max supported. However, it doesn't offer any IO.
  • The Razer Core V2 has the IO bundled that I'd want AND uses a second thunderbolt 3 controller to avoid USB issues, but doesn't offer the charge wattage needed for a Macbook Pro, offering only 65W.
  • I can't find anyone talking about the PowerColor TBX-750FA, which sounds like it may offer everything I want if it has a second thunderbolt 3 controller, but it isn't listed on their website and I have no idea when (or if) it will be released.
  • Other new offerings from VisionTek and PowerColor that may include a second thunderbolt 3 controller don't have enough power back over thunderbolt 3 for my needs.
  • All other enclosures with the needed charging wattage have no IO or have a single thunderbolt 3 controller, which has those USB latency/stability issues.


  • I don't think any current enclosure supports all of my needs to get a single-cable solution. The best I could do right now would be to use my Caldigit to provide IO and get a Razer Core X to drive the displays, but that isn't my ideal setup. I'm assuming I should wait and see what this year brings, but wanted to get other thoughts.
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