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eGPU is my solution?

eGPU is my solution?  


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Hello everybody.

I've an HP Elitebook 2560p (2nd gen i5-2520M) with 34mm expresscard.

I need an external GPU to accelerate my digital video mixer (VMIX) that uses NVEnc (GTX 1050 TI).

If I buy a EXP GDC Beast I'll can use NVEnc without DSDT override?

I don't need to attach a monitor to this board: only compute. The monitor will be connectd to the notebook as usual.

Or, if I can't use GTX 1050 for NVEnc, can I'll be able to install a Blackmagic mini recorder on Beast to acquire video? BM mini recorder is a simple 1x PCI-e card (not 16X!) that allow to acquire digital video.

Thanks for help. I need it.

Pending: Add my system information and expected eGPU configuration to my signature to give context to my posts