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Enclosure option in Brazil  


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Do you know a good enclosure option that I can found it in Brazil?

I spent days looking for one and nothing...

I'm using Macbook Pro Catalina.


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@alan_ferreira_leite, On Brazil doesn't have any option of purchase for TB3 enclosures, the most easy and cheap to do is: buy a NVME to TB3 adapter and a M2 to PCIe x4 adapter like ADT - R43SG


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You can try your luck in or, who, eventually, have one or another eGPU Dock available (i've seen an Asus one for ~BRL 2,000);


You can try to import an Razer Core X for around ~R$ 6000, and burn all of your money


Or, third option, do a Gambiarra, which is what i'm trying to do too. You'll need:

- Thunderbolt to NVME adapter (for SSD)
- NVME to GPU adapter


But seems like the specific specs of these components vary massively (or china doesn't properly document them), so it's very hard to find the right one.

Which is why i'm here.


Does anybody know how to find these two adapters? what specs to look at? I seen them vary from R$ 100 to R$ 1500, so idk

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