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External storage - Suggestions?  


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I've been looking for an external storage solution that cover three primary requirements: High speed, redundancy, and cost efficiency. And while options abound, reviews are far and few in between, and I frankly don't want to mess upp what could become very expensive (chassis plus terabytes worth of SSD's aint cheap). So some helpful hints would be... helpful.

Optimally I'm looking for an external storage chassis with two bays (for mirroring) that support NVMe speeds and M.2 SSD's. Alternatively a SATA 6 chassis could do just as well for 2,5" SSD's if the price is right. The most speed sensitive workloads I have are games really.

Primarily the external storage will be used for Mac projects and media. It will also house a boot camp partition for my Windows gaming. A Samsung T5 SSD is available available as a dedicated boot camp drive if it won't play nice with the chassis based storage.

So do you have any suggestions?


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