Few questions for mid-2014 MacBook air eGPU setup
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Few questions for mid-2014 MacBook air eGPU setup  


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Dear all, 

I just recently stumbled into this eGPU idea, and i am considering giving it a shot. So i am interested in anybody having experience with similar setup, on the specific model i have (MacBook air 6,2 maxed out with 8 GB ram and i7 intel processor). If you have this computer, with any eGPU setup, can you post some benchmark tests? This to have a general idea on what to expect. 

Now, some questions: my computer has a built in Thunderbolt 1 port. However, since i might change computer in one or two years, i was considering going for a Thunder 3 enclosure (also given that the price difference is ~50$), so i will gain performance if i decide to change computer. Anybody experienced trouble with the Thunder3 to Thunder1 adaptor? 

Second question: i thought about the gtx 1050 Ti video card. However, there are also more powerful options out there, now my question would be how much do you gain by putting more graphics power? In other words how limiting is the bandwidth and is it worth to invest in better cards for performance boost?

Finally, if you have any other input, comments or most importantly if you have experience to share, i would be extremely interested! 

Thanks for the time, and i hope i posted in the correct topic, as i am often confused about that...

To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.


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I have a feeling a 1050ti would be the best choice for you given TB1... there are a couple of Thunder2's for sale in the For sale section I believe...

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