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First time eGPU set up  


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I'm a student who wants to augment his laptop. I have a 1st generation Windows Surface book running the Intel i5 core, custom 1 GB Nvidia graphics card, and Windows 10 pro 64-bit OS. I have a spare Nvidia Geforce GTX 670 (PCIE 3.0) that I would like to hook up to my laptop via the USB-C slot.

I guess what I'm asking is what docks are compatible with what I have?

Some considerations. I need this set up to be fairly portable as I will be taking it on airplanes/flights with me.

To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.


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Unfortunately I don't think you can achieve connectivity via a regular USB C port. Additionally I don't think there is a USB C port on those. I have that model and they are both USB type A and not C.
Even so you will need a PCIE bus type connection to guarantee the speed, quality, and consistency of the communication between the extrrnal GPU and your laptop's CPU. Typically you need
a) A thunderbolt connection which Microsoft has not provided in any of their laptops (not even Surface book or surface laptop)
b) some other type of PCIe connector such as that connecting the internal wifi card (requiring opening up the laptop). The whole surface line is not very conducive to opening them up and replacing/removing internal components. I wouldn't recommend it nor have I done it to see if you can connect to the wifi connector. Additionally even if you could do that, those types of solutions (which use a cheap graphics dock not using thunderbolt) are not at all portable. 
Unless some other eminent member on this forum has a better idea I think you may need another kind of laptop (recommend with thunderbolt capable ports - not all USB C is thunderbolt capable).

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Your hardware is no usable for a (portable) eGPU solution.
1) You notebook doesn't have a TB3-Port
2) A GTX670 is a quite power hungry card and needs a big eGPU enclosure

Best Portability would be:
1) An Ultrabook with TB3 Port and max. 45 Watt power usage through the TB3-Port
2) A Sonnet Breakaway Puck 570. Puck 560 it is when you don't need it for gaming.

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