First Timer looking at EGPUs to provide a good Setup
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First Timer looking at EGPUs to provide a good Setup  


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Hey All,


TLDR: Want setup that allows moderate gaming on the go and Heavy gaming/VR (with a 2k ultra wide [hopefully 144hz and a gpu that can push those frames]) while plugged into an EGPU. [Also needs to be a reasonably light windows laptop that wont break my back] {Budget: 3000 - 3800 AUD}

The most promising combination I've seem so far is the Razer stealth 13 and a Core X Chroma with a 1080ti (or anything bigger). I really think the RX5700xt would be much better since its cheaper with about the same performance, but the 5700xt isnt listed on the offical website as a "qualified chipset" so I'm worried about it not working which would be a huge hassle. Im not too sure about what gpus are needed to push 144fps on a 2k monitor since I've never used one myself before...

I'm planning to get a new setup for gaming and have been looking an EGPU due to my poorish experiences with gaming laptops.

Personally I like to play games on the go, but from what I've seen in the gaming laptop industry, all of the laptops have heating problems and that has become something I'm trying to figure out how to solve (and gaming laptop are heavy and I don’t want to break my back going to and from Uni).

ATM I'm working off a Dell Inspirion 7000 gaming (i7 7700, 1050ti), Its heavy and when you play high load games, the keyboard gets really hot and sometimes burns to touch.

At the moment my main game is Eve Online, it doesn't require heavy graphics and the CPU usage is moderate (Gets heavier when ur running several cilents, but it's not bad). But I've always wanted to get a VR Setup as well as play Star Citizen (the most graphical and CPU heavy game U'll see cause its so buggy lol).

The idea is that I want a setup where I can play games like EvE when I'm on the go, but still have access to VR (Thinking an oculus quest might be a good choice due to the newly announced Oculus Link) and heavier games like Star Citizen and popular FPS when I'm at home (Im thinking a 2k ultrawide acer predator and the integrated screen on the laptop as a side screen). I'm hoping separating the CPU and GPU can reduce heating problems, I'm so done with bad laptop cooling setups lol. (I heard the razer 13 has good temps with the cpu)

Is this type of setup possible?

Or should I be getting a desktop and a super cheap ultrabook?

Simply state ur opinion about all this to me!

Thanks for reading 😀


Just a side question: is the usb hub on the core X chroma worth it? The razer 13 doesnt have a very large storage so i might need an external ssd, and also would the keyboard and mouse have imput lag due to the bandwidth of the t3 port if I use the Chroma's USB hub?

PS. (Also I don’t want a mac thanks 😀 )

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@mas0ny1 I would recommend a Lenovo X1 Carbon. Its cooling system seems better than other ultrabooks in the same class. If you need additional storage through the eGPU enclosure, Mantiz Venus would get my vote due to its SATA connection for hard drives.


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