Gt 720 gddr5 2gb or gtx 750 ti gddr5 2gb for egpu
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Gt 720 gddr5 2gb or gtx 750 ti gddr5 2gb for egpu  


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Hello, I am in doubt what is the best card for my configuration, someone would know to inform me to make an egpu: processor: i7-2640M, RAM: 2X4 Gb 1333mhz, I was wanting a gt 720 gddr5 2gb or a gtx 750 ti, as will two work? I'm scared of the gtx 750 ti 2GB gddr5 getting stuck because the processor is weak

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If you can get the 750 ti at a good price it would worth getting that one. Of course there's other factors to think about like how you are going to connect it to the laptop (mpcie?) but I still think the 750 ti would be a lot better in any case.

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