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help me please  


Peter Biancardi
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Hey all, thanks in advance for any help / advice.

My son is away at college and I set him up with a  Macbook Pro  before he went (I bought in April 2019, 15" Core I9 w/ Radeon graphics).  He is going to take a gaming class which involves DirectX so I figure he needs to turn this into a gaming rig.  We already have bootcamp dual boot setup and he has been using Windows / MacOS for years with no issues.

I ordered a  Razer Core X  egpu and was able to get a  6700xt  from Micro Center yesterday and I already own an  RTX 3070  for myself.

If I understand everything correctly currently neither will work under MacOS but the  6700xt  **may** soon with MacOS newer versions correct?

Also if I understand we can get the  6700xt  working in Windows **hopefully** if we update it (his build is really old) to the preferred version, use custom bootcamp drivers, possibly disable other things, stand on one foot facing south and pray?

Also if I understand we should be able to just plug the 3070 into Windows (not sure if the version matters), install the official  Nvidia drivers  and all should work?

Does all of this sound correct?  Seems like a no brainer, I should give him the 3070?

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@peter_biancardi, Yes that’s all correct, and it sounds like you read how @Cebro got the RTX 3070 running in Bootcamp Windows 2004 without much trouble.


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