HP Z2 Mini G4 Workstation + ???? eGPU (Are you an eGPU Explorer? Because I may b...
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HP Z2 Mini G4 Workstation + ???? eGPU (Are you an eGPU Explorer? Because I may be... unless I'm missing something.)  


Gabriel Elias Gabrie
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Hi eGPU.io community!

Being new to the eGPU market I have read quite a few beginner's guides and feel comfortable in my decision to actively look for an eGPU that will complement my HP Z2 Mini G4 workstation. Being the good rookie I am, I took the advice of these guides and looked extensively through every crack of the internet for someone out there who has tried ANY eGPU with this workstation. I have failed miserably. In fact, the only two posts on the internet that have 'eGPU' and 'HP Z2 Mini G4' in the same sentence, are the ones I posted to the r/eGPU subreddit and the HP Support forums in which I ask if anybody has tried this before.

The eGPU.io community is my last resort. Has ANYONE tried an eGPU with this device? If so, please provide me with feedback as I would not like to make any costly beginner mistakes!

If no one out there has tried this, I guess that makes me an eGPU Explorer (if that's the right term) and would love to hear stories from other Explorers and their experiences. I could also simply be overthinking this whole eGPU situation and could probably buy any eGPU out there for this workstation. After all, it is technically a desktop and not a laptop.

I've attached a screenshot of the workstation's specs below. The image looks tiny on my end but I hope once the post is up, you may be able to click to enlarge.


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@gabriel_elias_gabrie, Welcome aboard! I think you may be the first to implement an eGPU with the HP Z2 Mini G4. Given it's a desktop with multiple connection interfaces (Thunderbolt 3 and NVMe), I would recommend looking into an M.2 eGPU adapter. The ADT-Link R43SG for example is a more affordable solution for eGPU and performs better than Thunderbolt 3. Paired with that Xeon E-2278G processor, you'll have some serious power in a SFF. Does your particular model has a punch-out piece next to the Ethernet port. That would make cable management nice and clean when installing the M.2 eGPU adapter.


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