I am torn between an MBP with a lenovo booststation vs a 650gbp pc with 3100 + 5...
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I am torn between an MBP with a lenovo booststation vs a 650gbp pc with 3100 + 5600xt  


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I am starting my uni this year (computer science) and I am getting myself a base model  MBP  13" 16gb ram 2133mhz. I know that there are pros and cons to the eGPU and to the pc. I will also be traveling fairly often.

PC (650gbp)

  • ryzen 3 3100 +  5600xt  + 16gb 3200 mzh ram
  • PC's performace will be higher than the one of the egpu
  • This way the thermals won't damage the  MBP 's components and it will have a longer life expectancy
  • Not portable
  • easy upgradability

Lenovo Booststation( rtx 2060 )(570gbp)

  • Rtx available
  • every file will be on a single device
  • portable
  • cheaper (could've made my pc cheaper, but uk the higher tier gpu is only a biiiiit more)
  • worse performance and deteriorates the  MBP  components
  • looks cleaner and more premium than a budget PC
  • easy to upgrade

Even though I know most pros and cons and I still do lean a little bit more on the PC side, but I am still hesitating. Do you have any advice?

To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.


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I would find a way to get the 10th-gen CPU MBP model with TB3 integrated on the chip, fast 3733MHz RAM, (4) Thunderbolt ports, and 512 GB storage.

256GB of storage isn't enough anymore. You'll want to install Windows, new games, and hefty Mac OS updates - while maintaining a safe amount of free drive space.

And, of course, 256GB drives are slower than larger capacity drives.


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