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Imac for 4K Gaming  


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Hey guys, hello to everyone in this Forum!

I want to buy a 2017 22" Imac and use it as a 4K Gaming machine to replace my PS4. Of course I would need an external gpu because the normal imac gpus are trash. I would use bootcamp and play on the internal display.

Games i would play:
- FIFA 19
- Fortnite
- Rocket League
- Battlefield V (I dont really expect this to run in 4K :D)

Do you think this will work for me? What GPU should I buy? Or is the 27" Imac without and egpu the better choice?

Thanks in advance for you help!

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I'm not sure if you can get the internal display to work on iMac using eGPU in BootCamp (it's now easily possible in MacOS Mojave). With that said, I'd suggest you keep your PS4 if gaming is your only use case. It will work out a heck of a lot cheaper!

For reference I used to own a 27" iMac and used eGPU for gaming (I now use iMac Pro which is even better!). It worked great (but it never worked in BootCamp) with these cards in eGPU: nVidia 980TI/1080TI/Vega Frontier Edition. Excellent frame rates. But I also used the machine for work/everything else, and my wife would never let me have a PS4. So it made sense.

As for which you should buy, it all depends on your budget. The 27" is a lovely machine... made lovlier with eGPU. Just make sure you read the guides in this forum to get the right card/enclosure for your budget and machine.

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TBH I don't think the 580's in the top end iMac is trash at all, so for cost efficiency and ease of set up/use I'd just get one of them and play at 1440 on a 27inch screen. 4K on 22inch is a waste IMO.

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