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Is egpu the right solution for me?  


אסף רוזנצויג
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Hey guys,

I have a Lenovo p1 gen 2 from my job (core i9 h series processor, Quadro T2000 gpu) which apart from being my work computer is also my daily driver for all the other things I do.

even though the T2000 can game it doesn’t do as well as my old desktop with my 1070 did.

i started wondering weather getting an external gpu enclosure will solve this since I already have the gpu, but I’m afraid that the thunderbolt 3 bottleneck will prevent me from getting the results I want to get.

I need to mention that my job is forcing updates on the pc so I can’t downgrade the windows version or anything like that. I can however install any app/driver that I want (just not windows update things)

so anyway, do you guys think an external gpu is the right solution for my case?

also, if yes, my ideal setup will be a “one cable” setup for both egpu, power, and usb peripherals, what do you think is the best enclosure for me? (Up to 500$ range)



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To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.