is the Asus X540UP good with a rx560?
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is the Asus X540UP good with a rx560?  


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I'll be buying the laptop and see if it's compatible with an rx560,
straight from the factory it has a i7-7500u,
my old laptop (X550LN) running the amd egpu seemed to bottlenecked it with the i7-4500u and the performance coming from the gpu seemed to be similiar with the internal nvidia 850m

the main reason why im buying the laptop is because someone else in the family uses it, and the laptop i'll be buying will be on 50% sale of the original price, been waiting 8 months to get a functional setup to use simple programs

is the Asus X540UP good with a rx560?

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I don’t see a Thunderbolt 3 port listed on the specs. That’s what you need in any laptop.

A fast new graphics card with 6GB or 8GB of GDDR6 is the way to get decent gaming performance. 

At least an RX5500 XT ($220 ish) or a GTX1660 Super ($250 ish). 


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