Is there an enclosure that actually meets my needs yet?
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Is there an enclosure that actually meets my needs yet?  


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So... I've had a couple of enclosures (3 actually) and none have been quite right. All have been good in certain ways but fell short in others.

First up was a Thunder 3 mini egpu. Loved the build quality and the size, pretty much perfect! Except for the fact I wanted more power than a than a 1060 could offer and the single fan cards were very noisy under load.

Next up a Sonnet with a 1070, great boost in gaming and super silent, but it was pretty big and felt like a cheap PC case.

So, on to the next, Razer Core V1, looks great! Smaller! Great build and finish, but... turns out the ports are too laggy to be useful and after moving house to a quieter area (Zone 2 to Zone 3 for anyone who knows The London) I can really hear the noise. Swapped the 1070 for a Vega 56 so I have one egpu for both OS and oh boy! I have a jet turbine in my house!

My decision is made harder as I have the bloody LG UltraFine 5k, which while I love it has been nothing but a pain with eGPUs.

Soooooo... what's next? I'm looking at a couple of options.

My goals are (in order of priority)...
Drive my 5K directly.
One cable solution.
High end.
Work in both macOS and Windows.

(I think its a case of pick 3 or 4)

Node Lite with a Navi ITX when they are released as the ITX 20xx cards are too tall to fit, quite a speculative option which will prob end in disappointment. Or just grab a Node lite and put the TB3 add in card in it (quite a few boxes though).

Asus XG Station Pro and whatever card - with the possibility of also fitting a TB3 add in card to connective 5K directly to the GPU.

Mantiz - same option as above plus I could put an SSD inside it to reduce cables on desk as well as swapping fans to make it quieter.

Node pro - itsage mentioned it might be possible to connect the 5k to the second tb3 port - not sure if he ever got round to testing but this would reduce cables which would make me very happy although not sure how boot process would be effected. 

Is there anything I've missed?

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