Lenovo Y510P + EXP GDC from aliexpress to use a modern AMD GPU (rx460-570)  


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February 11, 2019 11:24 pm  

Hello everyone, i have Lenovo y510p model laptop. I want to use EXP GDC adapter to use AMD Rx 460 or Rx570 (i don't have yet).
Adapter link exp gdc .
I wonder if its possible to use this adapter for gaming properly on this laptop. And i guess this adapter use mini pci-e express socket which is connected to wifi card slot.
Also, i have a Dell FullHD monitor to use as a primary monitor. Will i have issues with these equipments? I am using this modded version right now: Bios. I appreciate for any assitance.

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Lenovo Y510P
I want to use EXP GDC egpu adapter to use with my laptop. Can i use Rx 570 with it?

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