Lenovo Y700 + GTX 1660 advice  


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This is my first time building a eGPU and I’m super excited! 😀 

My Lenovo Y700 currently has a 960M and 8GBs of RAM. My goal is to make an eGPU with a GTX 1660 so I can play VR games smoothly.

I’ve done a little research on what I need and here are the parts that I plan to order:

- GTX 1660 (or maybe RX 580)
Link for GTX 1660

- V8.4 EXP GDC M.2 (NGFF)
Link for EXP GDC

Dell DA-2
Link for Dell DA-2

Questions I have:

- Will these parts be compatible with my laptop?

- If so, will it allow me to run VR games on the Oculus Rift (stuff like Superhot, Beat Saber, Robo Recall, games that aren’t too hardcore)?

- Instead of an external monitor, am I able to use a 55” 1080p TV instead? 

- Is there anything else I need on top of what I’ve listed?

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Sorry for the long post and bad formatting since I’m on mobile.

Thanks a ton! 😀

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Dell DA-2

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I see you ended up with the ADT R43SG. That was my choice as well. In any case, I think it's better to go for the NVMe (M key) connection for more performance, and it's much less of a drawback to only be limited to SATA3 SSD speeds, which are pretty good anyway, rather than have to give up the Wi-Fi module completely, only being able to use an external one. I've also found out that the M.2 SSD slot is optimally located to have an opening for the cable going out in the rear of the laptop, at least on the 17" version, which is the one I have.

As for the outputs, if you want to use an external display, you just connect it to the card directly, so what outputs are supported depend on the exact card you have. Some TVs introduce a lag due to post-processing, which may be alleviated if there is a "gaming mode" that can be switched on somewhere in the settings.

Other than the eGPU adapter, you only need some sort of power supply (commonly Dell DA-2), and you're good to go.

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