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Lenovo Yoga C930  


Danielle Lawson
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The only build I saw for my laptop is the Aorus GTX 1070 Gaming Box. That seems to be sold out everywhere, as well as all of the other Aorus's Gaming Boxes. Are there any suitable alternatives? I'm pretty new to pc building and what not so while I've done some research, I'm still pretty confused. If a eGPU is compatible with other Lenovo Yoga laptops, will they be compatible with mine? I wasn't looking to spend more than $500, but I can be a little lenient. Thank you!!

Edit: Okay I don't think they're sold out everywhere, but a lot of places. I still want to compare and contrast my price options tho.

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it wants my system and my expected build here? i have a lenovo yoga c930 and my expected build is to be able to play skyrim.