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Looking ahead what should I buy?  


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Hi guys,

I have several doubts about what gear I need. Let me try to briefily explain my current situation & doubts.

I have an Intel Nuc Skull Canyon (**not** the Hades) using an NVMe SSD slot (so the other M.2 slot is empty) & 32 GB RAM. I am managing to change my current desktop graphic card (MSI Nvidia 980ti Gold) for a new one (Nvidia 2080ti). So as expected I want to use the old 980ti to upgrade the Intel NUC. Now my tons of doubts (as you will see I am completely rookie).

I am thinking 3 alternatives:

-1) easiest one to purchase a Razer Core X Chroma

-2) to purchase an ADT-Link TB3 adaptor (ie R43SG)

-3) to purchase an M.2 adaptor 


So regarding options:


PROS : easiest, about 99% sure that my MSI 980ti Gold will fit into the case and that power should not be a problem, this case come with USB & Ethernet ports, probably faster option (32Gbps) if I do not use the USB/Ethernet ports

CONS: expensive choice, probably this case is one-shot due when I want to replace in the future my 980ti by the newer and bigger 2080ti  I am managing to aquire this new one will not fit the case so it will be useless  

2) ADT-LINK TB3 adaptor R43SG

PROS: probably faster option (32Gbps), probably not a one-shot option like RAZER for newer graphic card incoming (2080ti, big, really big) so fitting is not a big issue here

CONS:  seems a less proved option (I could not see user builds) , power (not a big issue)


PROS: cheapest one, GPU size/lenght is not an issue so no one-shot purchase, proven option with Nvidia 980ti and also proven option with an Intel NUC,  

CONS: probably is not the fastest option due I will use in the NUC both M.2 slots (1 for an NVMe SSD and the other for this adaptor), power (not a big issue), more adaptors available so I dunno what is best option


So as you can see my questions are:

++RAZER++ Will be fit another card** in the future than the 980ti? (probably with a little DIY??), Will I lost much more than the regular +-20% performance when if I use USB ports?

++ADT-LINK TB3 adaptor R43SG++ Is this a proven option? (It is expensive)

++M.2 ADAPTOR++ Will be a big performance issue to use the other M.2 slot for a NVMe SDD (I am thinking both are sharing lanes)? Which adaptor is the best option for a 980ti and looking ahead? (I think this one is the best price/features: ADT-Link R43SG but this ADT-Link R43/R53 is the chaper one and the most tested probably is the following one EXP GDC Beast 9.0b so in your opinion for my testbed (980ti+NUC) which is better? 


Thank you an sorry for the long thread.

**I am looking for one of this two 2080ti:

-MSI GeForce RTX 2080 Ti LIGHTNING Z (I love MSI but I heared bad comments recently regarding this card)
-AORUS GeForce RTX 2080 Ti XTREME WATERFORCE 11G (sounds good but never used Gigabyte)

advises are welcome 🙂


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