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Looking for an eGPU for XPS 9560  


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Hi everyone, I am new to this forum. Ive recently found out that i can boost my laptop graphics performance with an eGPU setup. I am wondering what eGPU build would suit my xps 9560 best? I was looking at Aorus Gaming Box with 1080, but lot of users complain about its noise, buzzing psu fans noise. Is there any alternative to it? Also is it worth to buy an eGPU setup right now since new RTX Graphics are being released? Should i wait for new eGPUs with rtx hardware?

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RTX eGPU options will be much more expensive than the current GTX Gaming Boxes. Since your XPS 9560 has a few USB ports, I'd recommend getting an enclosure without expansion ports. You don't need power delivery either. The Razer Core X is a strong contender that can power any GPUs you would want now and in the near future. A good budget choice is the Sonnet Breakaway 350 for $199.

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