Looking for some advice on a setup.  


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Hey guys here's what would be ideal for my setup, just want to see if someone can confirm it is viable:

Portability is a must so I want to go with the Akitio thunder3 or Akitio node lite (not really sure on the difference) and just want to make sure my current graphics card Gigabite GeForce gtx 1060 3gb mini-itx will fit inside with no modifications. ( https://www.gigabyte.com/Graphics-Card/GV-N1060IXOC-3GD#kf)

So currently I use a MacBook Air 2013 with a thunderbolt 1 port. My thinking was that I could buy and use the Akitio mini-egpu with that now via an adapter to thunderbolt 2.

Then I plan on upgrading to the newer 2017 MacBook pros with thunderbolt 3 in about a year so and I want to make sure the egpu I have will use that to the highest level.

 Am I on the right track with this stuff? It's all very new and super cool.

Oh and if it helps I'm really much more interested in Windows bootcamp so OS X drivers not working just yet isn't a huge deal.  

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@theBLUPRNT if you plan on upgrading to the Thunderbolt 3 in the future, then go with the AKiTiO Node Lite. It has the newer and macOS-compatible USB-C controller, TI83.

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Keep in mind the node lite does not have much of a power supply (72w).  That Gigabyte card needs a 6 pin pcie power connector. You will have to power the card externally AND power the node box, this forces you to have a power brick for your mac, a power brick for your akitio, and a power brick for your video card.  The bigger node takes a standard computer power cord, has a built in power supply (400w), and all the cables clear with the top on.  I find the size of the full node is a more portable trade off than carrying around 3 power bricks, but if that's ok, the node lite chassis is nicely smaller than the full size node, but top attaching pcie power cables may not clear with the cover on.

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