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Looking to build my own eGPU box (looking for adapter)

Looking to build my own eGPU box (looking for adapter)  


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If this exists, I am looking for a male NVME to female Thunderbolt 3 adapter (plug nvme into laptop motherboard and "case mod" my own Thunderbolt 3 into my laptop using NVME). My reasoning is to have the ability to unplug the eGPU easily from my internal NVME without having to disassemble my laptop every time I need to leave the house. In the end, I would like to be able to use the NVME port on my Lenovo 330s 15ikb laptop to connect an eGPU with the ability to easily unplug it when I need to go.


Unless, of course, I am being over complicated and there is an easier solution to my NVME eGPU connection problem?


Thank you all for any help and I apologise if this is the wrong section to post in as I just made my account.

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There isn’t a NVME to Thunderbolt (female) USB-C adapter. Nor is required since M.2 NVME eGPU adapters cost a fair bit less than Thunderbolt and offer more performance.

Your requirement for convenient docked/undocked operation may require some planning based on your notebook chassis and it’s access. Pls review these M.2 eGPU builds using chassis cutouts & NVME extenders for some other’s ideas on how they achieved that:


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