M.2 To USB C 10Gbps 3.2 For Dell Optiplex + Razer Core X?
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M.2 To USB C 10Gbps 3.2 For Dell Optiplex + Razer Core X?  


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Hey friends! I usually game on my MacBook (yes, I’m aware of how frowned upon this is) in Bootcamp. However, it’s a pain in the rear to use and I just recently bought a Dell Optiplex 3060 with an i5. Not powerful by any means, but if I were able to hook up my eGPU, it might be able to do enough that I could game on it. Now I have a Razer Core X, and I still use it to video edit in Mac OS. So I don’t want to be swapping the GPU into a PCI-E extender like I’ve seen some Optiplex builds do. (Motherboard of the 3060)

However, I found this guy on eBay. It’s an M.2 to USB C Card. (eBay Link) I’m curious if this would work and was hoping someone would have more expertise on this than I do, to tell me if this would be a solution or not. It says it has a 10gbps USB 3.2 connection, which is what I need for the eGPU. Thoughts?

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There is no Thunderbolt 3 or 4 on that card.

Consider selling the Thunderbolt gear and instead use a M.2 to PCIe extender like an ADT-Link R43SG.  Not only is it connector compatible, it will cost less, and perform better as seen in the build in my sig.

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