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July 19, 2018 2:18 pm  

I decided upgrade my Macbook pro 13 mid-2017 with touchbar with an egpu.

What i need from the eGpu in macOS
- Be able to charge the pc
- Be able to use the enclosure as a USB HUB
- Be able to use an extenal monitor
- [Very important] The enclosure has to be detected without too much hassle in macOS (hot plugging) since i continuously connect and disconnect my pc while working on macOS
- I dont really care about the actual GPU performance in macOS, it would be nice to enhance some applications with it but if it doesnt work its not a problem, all I need while I'm on macOS is just the first three points

What i need from the eGPU on Windows
- I need it ro run games
- I dont really care if it needs some special procedure to get it working on Windows or some weird routine to do every time you want to plug it as long as it actually works

Around 600€. If it's a really good solution for my purposes i could even spend up to 700€

My research
My ideal pick from my research would be the Gigabyte gaming box with an RX 580. The problem is that i can't seem to find one where i live (Italy). On (or they only sell the versions with the gtx 1070 and the 1080 which from what i gathered dont really offer great compatibility (and hot-plugging) on macOS.
On eBay there are some retailers that sell the RX 580 version but they are all from the US so I would have to pay something like 150€ in import tariffs which i would like to avoid paying

I've read a lot of posts on this forum rearding my same exact configuration and it does look to be a bit of a pain to set up a nvidia egpu in macos but all the post were pretty old and I belive there is a new "tool" around that kind of improves the situation (?). Meanwhile from Youtube videos and reviews it looks like AMD cards just work in macOS without many problems at all.

Two questions
- Can hot-plugging be achieved with the Aorus Gaming Box with gtx 1070/1080 on macOS?
- Does somebody know of a retailer within the European Union that sells the Gaming Box with the RX 580?


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July 20, 2018 1:07 pm  

So I found the Gaming Box on a swiss site. (Google Shopping from Switzerland)
You can find it here did not check the shipping to Italy but I don't think it's too much of a problem.
Don't know about the price since Euro to CHF is stronger again than it was in recent years so maybe you can get it cheaper than with paying taxes from the US.

Maybe look into the Mantiz Venus. I had brief contact with them and they ship it declaread as 100$ worth in the package. Also shipping is free maybe some taxes but that wouldn't be too much I guess. But I can't help with questions like hotplugging under macOS. But there are plenty of build guides. It's a bit pricier and don't know if it blows your budget, but I hope I could help a bit.

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July 20, 2018 8:27 pm  

@rickypiola97 I ordered my RX 580 Gaming Box from NewEgg Canada.

The same model is on sale on their Australian Website. It's currently on sale for $813 AUD (not sure if that's a good deal or not). But, you should check it out.

Ships from USA in 8-18 business days.


Soon I will add my system & eGPU details or a build link to this my signature to give context to my posts