Macbook pro 16 vs Aorus Gaming Box RTX 2070 - is the difference worth eGPU?
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Macbook pro 16 vs Aorus Gaming Box RTX 2070 - is the difference worth eGPU?  


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Hi all! FIrst post here) BTW, big thanks to that kind of community, that drives new kind of hardware into masses. Good job, guys! 


I've got Macbook Pro 2017 (Radeon 560, no external display, i7 processor) and two options:


  1. I can buy (still) portable device Aorus Gaming Box RTX 2070. That will be sufficient to play games, even with ray tracing sometimes. After new macbook pro 13 release I can replace my MBP 15 with it (but it will have i5 processor probably) and get even more portability, when I am on the go. However, I'll loose ability to use video editing software on MacOS (I use Final Cut once a month), as there is no nvidia drivers for mac os. I can't find the same portable eGPU with 100W power delivery with AMD card, that is close to 2070 RTX in perfomance.
  2. Or I can buy Macbook Pro 16 with custom processor and GPU. In this case I still can play games (with less perfomance), but has bigger display (no external display needed), faster CPU, great video editing perfomance in macos and everything in one device.


So the questions are:

  1. Is Gaming Box RTX 2070 a bigger difference in comparison to MBP16?
  2. Will I get a dramatic gaming perfomance decrease after downgrading from i7 MPB15 to i5 MPB13?
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Hey there, I've currently got the gaming box with an RTX 2060 (replaced the original 1070) running with a MPB16 i9 w/ 5500M 4gb. I'm not sure if this will help much but I'll share some of my thoughts regarding your questions. Keep in mind I'm using a RTX 2060 though 

1. Is  Gaming Box   RTX 2070  a bigger difference in comparison to MBP16?

  • I haven't had a lot of time to do formal testing, but I would definitely say the gaming box is a boost over the dGPU 5500m. Though it really will depend on what games you're playing and at what resolution. The 5500m seems to manage okay at 1080p but I think my 4gb version has some trouble pushing frames at the full
    3072 x 1920 (though at that resolution you'd need a beefy card to push the details at that resolution anyway). This might be a different story if you opt for the 5500 with 8gb - but even then it probably would only help to a small degree as the compute power of the 5500m I think matches roughly in the ball park of a 1650 or so? Anyway, as such, I found that the 2060 with increased vram faired a bit better. Also as a side note I had weird scaling issues trying to play at 1080p. I'm not sure if this was just an error on my part or not, but a few games I tried to play wouldn't scale properly and instead just remained at 1080p filling only the upper left of my screen.

2. Will I get a dramatic gaming [performance] decrease after downgrading from i7 MPB15 to i5 MPB13?

  • In terms of gaming performance, you'll probably see a hit in performance but I'm not sure that it'll be that large. I just upgraded from a 13" MBP and was previously using the gaming box with that before I got the 16" MBP. The processor made a huge difference in my benchmarks (granted my 13" had the 2 ghz 2016 CPU). Because my CPU was so old, I don't think the difference would be quite as dramatic as say the new i7 vs the new i5 model. You mentioned that you might hold out for the next iteration of 13" (or perhaps 14") which - who knows, might have an updated line of processors. As a suggestion though, if you opt for the smaller model you might as well opt for an upgraded processor. 

Other things to keep in mind though... The extra real estate you get on the 16" is really enticing especially if you'll be doing any creative / development work. I've used the 13" for a while and after a week with the 16" I don't think I could go back. Also, while not ideal for portability the Core X offers 100W power delivery and the option to go AMD graphics. Their rumored upcoming cards could be comparable to current RTX 20xx cards. 

To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.


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I was going through ou the same thinking last year. 
i decided to go for the mbp13 as I prefer the portability and in any case I use external monitors for work and home. I combined it with the gaming box rx 580 and performance in 1080 p is perfect. 

i have now upgraded to the razer core and 5700xt for 4K experience and its more than fine. 

in your case if you have already a 15mbp an egpu will augment your performance but you will need an ext monitor for best performance. If you use Apple software amd cards might be better option. 

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