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Macbook Pro 2011 / EGPU ???  


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Hello everyone, I have a macbook pro from 2011 which runs on Catalina 10.15.3. With 16GB of RAM 500GB SSD 500GB HDD and a Dualhead2go Card from Matrox which powers two Mac screens 1920x1200 px. I work in graphics and use heavy software at the same time, so the computer is slow. I would like to take an EGPU to remedy it. I only have one Thunderbolt 2 port on this computer. Could you advise me on the product I should take please? AND would a Blackmagic Design pro EGPU with a thunderbolt 3 work on my Macbook pro from 2011 with a thunderbolt 3 to 2 adapter? Thanks for your help

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@ka_da, No need to overpay on the Blackmagic eGPU. You can get the Sonnet Breakaway Box 350 + RX Vega 56 for about half the price. It will work once you run Purge-Wrangler script which enables eGPU feature in macOS for your Thunderbolt 1 2011 MacBook Pro.


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