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MBP 13'' 2019 i7 16GB + Razer Core X + 165hz Dell + ? AMD

MBP 13'' 2019 i7 16GB + Razer Core X + 165hz Dell + ? AMD  


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I have recently purchased a max spec 13'' 2019 MBP. (quad i7 8th, 16GB ram).

I am mainly interested in video editing / other professional mac os tools performance - gaming is a nice bonus, but I will preference Final Cut Pro X work above everything.

( Although not quite related to e-gpus I'm also looking for advice with my monitor preference - I have a 1440p 165hz G-sync Dell, and hoping that I would see no display lag or other issues whatsoever whilst using the setup. )

I would like to stick to AMD for sake of ease.

There is no real price ceiling, so I have considered the Vega 64 Strix (seems quiet) - however I would also like a recommendation of a somewhat cheaper setup too, please.

Thank you.

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With similar setup I am using the gaming Box rx580 and I am quite happy with it. Check my previous posts for benchmarks etc. I could find a Vega 56 nano in reasonable price I would replace the 580 as it works fine with the gaming box. I your case with the razor x a Vega 56/64 or if you want to be future proofed a vii or 5800 xt that is coming out in July would be more than fine.

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Like @tsakal recommended, the RX Vega 56 is currently the best value for macOS. The enclosure should have Power Delivery so that you can charge your 13″ MacBook Pro while connected to eGPU. Good options are Mantiz Venus, Razer Core X, and Sonnet Breakaway Box.

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