MBP 13" Mid 2012 + Akitio Thunder 2 + RX 560 2GB

MBP 13" Mid 2012 + Akitio Thunder 2 + RX 560 2GB  


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Hey Guys,


I'm new to the Forum and "re-new" for eGPU. 

Short before High Sierra launch I already owned a MBP 15" Mid 2012 with the Thunder 2 and a GTX 750 Ti and with Nandos great Software and eBay support it was a ease to run it in Bootcamp.

For some reason I sold the eGPU. Don't ask me why, I dont know it anymore. 


Now I got my hands on a real cheap Akitio Thunder 2 (with 96W Power Brick) again for my 13" Mid 2012 (i5 2,5GHz; 16GB RAM; 256GB + 256GB SSD).

I would like to know if the RX 560 2GB is a good choice for this MBP

I don't want to mod the case for a PSU. So the RX 560 should be the most powerful GPU, right?

Would I get any benefits if I take the 4GB Version of this card? Is the more VRAM limited by the TB1 or, as I said, is there any more income I can expect?


Sideinfo: Atm i dont planing to use windows via bootcamp. 

I only do light gaming of Albion Online and LoL, booth have a good or less better MacOS Client.


Best regards from Germany! 

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