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MBP 15’ 2018+RTX2070  


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Hi all! I’m new in this and need your help.


I’m going to buy MBP 15’ 2018 i7 2.6 gHz, Pro Vega 20 and eGPU Aorus RTX 2070 gaming box.

The cases i want to use this setup:

   1. Play at home via bootcamp with eGPU( 8-10 hours per day)

2. Sometime take laptop out of home and play without eGPU


If someone tested, tell me pls, what temps will be when i will playing with eGPU for a long time? And what temperatures will i have when i will play without eGPU playing for 6-8 hours?

Will such use damage my MBP?


The games i’m playing:

Apex legends, world of warcraft, cs go, dota 2, pubg, and sometimes old single games.

To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.


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I don't know about 6-8hrs, but after 1 hr of using the Radeon 555X in my MBP, it gets pretty hot. Much less so, when using the eGPU, but I haven't measured any actual temps.

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