Mid 2014 750M 15" Problem Child MBP + eGPU (Recommendations)
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Mid 2014 750M 15" Problem Child MBP + eGPU (Recommendations)  


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I have a Mid 2014 Retina 15" MBP with 750M running 10.14.2 Mojave. After some digging, it would seem this one, maybe more than its siblings, requires significant effort in running an eGPU. Of the research I've done, it appears the last comfortably working configurations were running 10.13 or earlier OS's.

I am writing to ask, with my setup, which eGPU will work best to run exclusively on Bootcamp (Windows 10, up-to-date). I won't be running the eGPU on MacOS. I am open to a combination of parts, but would very much like to use one of the Aorus Gaming Boxes, if possible, as I have a limited budget  and have found some good deals on lightly used ones near enough to me. 

I am in my Thesis year of architecture school, and on my Bootcamp Partition (Windows 10), I will be doing a great deal of rendering using V-Ray for Rhino. I will also be playing lots of Anthem, and several other semi graphics-intensive games. 

I scoured these forums and found many options that have worked in the past with my configuration, but recent posts with updates seem to point to most of these no longer working with current OS configurations, so I am hoping for some updated guidance here in what might work in current builds.

Mid 2014 750M MBP, eGPU to work exclusively with Bootcamp partition (Win 10). I sincerely appreciate all information from here!

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To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.


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Look at build guides.

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