Most compact eGPU setup for 13" MacBook Pro
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Most compact eGPU setup for 13" MacBook Pro  


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Hello eGPU guys,

I haven't checked the forum nearly since High Sierra. I used to have a 15" late 2016 mbp with Sonnet Breakaway 550w + RX 580. Then, I moved to an iMac which gave me superior ease of use actually. However, I'll move abroad again for my education and will live in small flat or maybe in a room. I'll need to carry a laptop for the classes and for home usage I'd like to connect it to a decent monitor, probably 27".

Well.. This time I'm planning to get a base model 13" mbp that has 2 tb3 ports, because Apple Silicon is on the horizon and I don't want to invest heavily on a laptop with an unknown future. 

For the Egpu part, I'd like to get a real small setup. I've found a used Gigabyte Gaming BOX RX 580 version but without a gpu. The seller asks 180€ for it and he replaced the fans with quiter ones. 

On the forum, I've seen also Powercolor/VisionTek Mini and Zotac AMP Box Mini

For the gpu, I'm looking to get a RX 5700 itx or 5600 XT itx or maybe next Gen Navi graphics.

Which one might be the most hassle free box for me?

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@ondert, I would strong recommend the PowerColor/VisionTek mini eGFX + RX 5600 XT ITX. I have been using this enclosure for over a year, first with an RX 580 and now an RX 5600 XT. It's been very reliable and it feels like it's not even there. I dock/undock my work laptop (2019 13-inch MacBook Pro) often during the work week. The disconnect experience can be better with further macOS optimization. Connection is solid however. Windows Boot Camp also works well with an EFI boot loader. Here's the build link for quick reference.


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