MSI GS60 2qd - 5 years old laptop - My plan of attack and your advises - What do...
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Should I do this ? Poll is created on Apr 06, 2020

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Poll is created on Apr 06, 2020
Drop this laptop by your windows and buy a new one (not ecologically fair for a Marine biologist)  -  votes: 1 / 100%
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MSI GS60 2qd - 5 years old laptop - My plan of attack and your advises - What do you think Pals !?  


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Hi, I'm new here and I've been reading a lot of thread before posting because I want to make my own eGPU project 

Surprisingly, I'm here to upgrade my laptop GS60 2qd, specs here (sorry guys it's in French, I'm spotted) :

So, with this shitty integrated Nvidia 965M I was looking for the best compromise to upgrade it and at the same time reducing the bottleneck effect. I've been disassembling and assembling my laptop for 5 years now due to different problems and/or upgrade so I know well the inside of it. I upgraded by adding 8GO RAM (now I've 16GO) and adding a new SSD instead of HDD that was fried a year ago.  

This is what I found:

I know that I have an extra M.2 space to plug an adapter in it next to my native SSD, which seems to be apparently the best solution as : 

-i don't want to use the PCIE of my wifi card
-Dont have thunderbolt
- Dont have cardreader 
-apparently no lose of transfer 

So the more appropriate and faster solution seems to be through a M.2 adapter.

What I was going to do :

- Buy a MSI GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Gaming 4Go (around 180e), seems to be the best upgrade solution as if i take newer GPU i will be bottlenecked by my CPU

- Buy an M.2 adapter with 50cm cable length then I'm free to dig a hole in my laptop under the case and i keep my nomade way of life.

ADT-Link R43SG


And now i don't know which power supply to buy as it is the only thing i don't know where to look at. 

Few questions are still in my mind:

-Will the integrated 965M be easily reactivable if I want to go away with my laptop by just going in the device manager? Will the Geforce Experience do the work to recognize it and make it work as if I never used an eGPU ? 

-Do you think it is worth it with my actual specs and not sure if it will work? 


I'm looking forward to your answers guys and I hope you and your family are safe in the actual situation. 


Take care! 


A poor student looking for help and the cheapest way to do it.

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2014 15" MSI GS60 2QD-405FR Ghost i7-4720HQ HD4600 + GTX965M Win10