Need help with power supply for build
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Need help with power supply for build  


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Hello all, I have almost everything I need to complete my EGPU setup. I have a w530, EXP GDC beast V8.5c express card, a dell DA-2, and a GTX 970. I realized after getting everything all together I had forgotten to purchase a 6 pin to 6(+2) and 6 pin connector for the exp GDC to the video card, and on top of that the DA-2 doesn't even provide the required 300 watts. In order to make my build work, would it be better to get a cheap power supply to run everything, or could I potentially get a second DA-2 to run the top ports while the main one is running the EXP GDC? Anyway, I'm honestly not sure what my best purchase choice is at this point and I'm so damn close to getting to work. My only other question is how do I have both video card drivers installed at once depending on which one I'm using? Anyways, overall what would be a good low-cost power and or cable solution, and how do I disable the dgpu drivers and install the egpu one?

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