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New 8th-Gen CPU lineup  


Jan Buttiker
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I'm in the process of deciding for a notebook.
I really like the diverse lineup of the new generation, but it also gives me some headaches deciding with which I should go.

I have 3 choices. Number one is an i7-8550U number two ist the  i7-8705G and the last is an i7-8750H. (or the i9 for the lol's)
I can get a maxed out X1 Yoga 3rd Gen with the 8550U, 16GB of RAM and a 1tb ssd for CHF 2349.- (600.- cheaper than market prices)

The other option is a XPS 15 2in1 with the G-processor and 512gb ssd for CHF 2649.-

I'm still thinking about getting a 2in1. If the CPUs in the 2in1 can't handle the 1080 eGPU I have to go with the i7-8750H in the XPS15 9570. (2229.- with 500gb ssd and 16gb of ram)
But if I dont have to worry about the CPU performance in the 2in1 devices while gaming over the eGPU I'll get myself a convertible.
I don't have many other CPU heavy tasks so if the performance of the 8550U is sufficient even for Witcher 3 I'm probably getting the Lenovo Yoga.

(Prices are for the swiss market, so maybe a bit bloated for american prices)

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An 8550U certainly "can handle" an 1080, especially if there is no dGPU. A G processor is usually worse (CPU-wise) for eGPU purposes (4 lanes are automatically assigned to the Vega). A "H" chip, while almost certainly better, is not going to make *much* difference (eGPU-wise) unless what you are doing is really CPU bound or bandwidth-sensitive. 

Since you mention Witcher 3, see  as to what you can expect in a 8550U + 1080 combo.

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