New egpu setup: i7-1165g7 vs i7-10750H
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New egpu setup: i7-1165g7 vs i7-10750H  


hashim ridha
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So I am wondering what would work best for a rtx 3070 setup. Currently I have a lenovo C940 15 inch with a i7-9750H, I bought it 10 days ago and I am planning to return it in favor of either a i7-1165g7 or i7-10750H that will come with the new lenovo yoga 9 variants. I am torn between going for an H series with the increased wattage and cores or the 11th gen that has the more direct TB3 to CPU connection. I am mainly planning to game. So which would work best for the rtx 3070 setup? Am I going overkill by getting an rtx 3070


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@hashim_ridha, There are a few considerations. The more powerful CPU has more headroom but the Thunderbolt 3 connection is also crucial when it comes to TB3 eGPU performance. In many H-CPU laptops, the TB3 connection is going through the PCH instead of directly to the CPU. You want to make sure the PCH has sufficient cooling if that was the case. So far I have found only Alienware and Apple to attach the TB3 controller to their H-CPU configuration.


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I thought intel was releasing thunderbolt 4 with their 11th gen laptops? I think like itsage, cooling is the largest aspect you should take into consideration otherwise. I'd go with the thunderbolt 4 laptop IMO which means newer processor but the i7-1165g7 seems to be focused towards efficiency so I doubt it'll have really good cooling to go with it which means honestly wait or just get the 10750H laptop

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