Gigabyte Gaming Box RX580 for 399$, Should I get it?
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Gigabyte Gaming Box RX580 for 399$, Should I get it?  


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Hi guys, I recently got a 2018 15" 9i MBP, but I do notice it heats to unwanted temps under Bootcamp. I've been planning to get an eGPU for a while but I can't seem to find the perfect match.

I'm looking for an all in one cable solution that would allow me to have my gaming mouse/keyboard/lan connected to it and that will supply a minimum of 87watts to charge the MBP while playing as well.

It needs to work under bootcamp and under macOS so an AMD would probably be the best best because I'd rather mess with a Bootcamp partition than a macOS one. I also have 2 4k free sync monitors from LG.

I really want the expansion ports and perhaps a lan port (I have a usb to lan adapter but that's a wasted USB port).

My first idea was the Razer Core X but it lacks the IO. 
The Sonnet is the next option, albeit a bit pricey.
The problem is they are both HUGE and cost a ton to ship to my area (around 80$ just for shipping... insane!).
The 580 Gigabyte gaming box is now 399$ on Amazon and because it's tiny the shipping cost is also 30$, so I'm considering just trying that one out. It also has 100w for charging via PD which is nice. The Amazon reviews mention unreliability and incompatibility with Bootcamp which is a must for me. Also, someone there mentions the USB doesn't work well with the card drawing power, which is the whole point of the IO hub for me. 

The main problem is I was hoping for something with a bit more juice and a Vega 56/64 sounds more like it which this thing would never work with. It's also tiny so you have to get mini ITX cards, and since it's not meant to be opened I doubt it would even work anyway. 
The Mantiz would be good but I can't find it with international shipping.
The Node Pro is great but the charging is not sufficient. 

What should I do? my budget is up to like a 1000$ with tax (17%~), but I'm considering just waiting a bit seeing all the prices dropping dramatically lately, although I doubt this Gigabyte box would drop even more. 


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