Noob Hardware Question - Mac Mini 2018 + GTX 1050TI
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Noob Hardware Question - Mac Mini 2018 + GTX 1050TI  


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Hi everyone, hoping for some guidance for a total newcomer to the world of eGPU’s and GPU’s in general. I’ve searched through the threads but couldn’t find an answer to this exact question. 

I have a i7 Mac Mini 2018, and a friend of mine is upgrading his graphics card and giving me his old Asus GTX 1050 TI

I’m capable of following the guides here for driver installation etc, but I have a question about the necessary hardware in terms of the enclosure. If I understand correctly, the 1050 TI has no need for an external power supply. Would I definitely need to purchase an eGPU enclosure in order to connect the card via Thunderbolt 3? Most enclosures look like they start around $180-200. Is there a cheap, easy way to build your own enclosure, or is there simply a way for me to bare connect the card to the TB3 port using a TB3 cable? If not, I’ll probably refuse the card from my friend and just tell him to sell it on eBay or something. 

Thanks so much in advance!

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You’ll need an enclosure...
the 1050ti doesn’t need an additional power supply via 6 or a pin connector as most graphics cards, it draws its power from a PCIe slot which most PCs have and all enclosures have. So yep, you’ll need an enclosure for 200 odd quid. 
Also worth noting Nvidia cards do not work with Mojave’s (latest MacOS) so you’ll need to use windows (should be an easy set up). 
A Mac mini with a 1050ti will be a nice little gaming set up in windows.

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