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Pc or gaming laptop  


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I’ll be making a purchase for either two but I already have a iPad Pro that I take notes at Uni. I’m a international student btw so would travel back in between summer break, just considering either a lil expensive egpu setup for travel or fixed gaming pc.

Please help me decide.

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Sounds like you don't quite know what your needs will be since PC/laptop is so diametrically opposed. One is for price/performance, the other is for portability.

Why don't you think through your needs thoroughly first? Will you be traveling a lot and need something portable? Will you be mostly stationary? What's your budget? Will moving home over semesters require you to take the computer on an airplane (laptop will be easier)?

See which needs come out on top and go from there. I'll go right out and say that, while neat, eGPU's are for when you think the tech is cool and you can afford it despite its downsides, or you have a niche need that it fills. Like you have a laptop, can't afford a new one, but want to upgrade the graphics. Then a gaming puck or similar is excellent.

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