Performance Razer Core X vs Razer Core X Chroma
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Performance Razer Core X vs Razer Core X Chroma  


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I want to buy a razer core x for my dell xps 13 2in1 2020, I want to buy on a razer core x Chroma with a 2080ti card. However, I ask myself a question in terms of performance the chroma version is less efficient because of the presence of other ports compared to the normal version?

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I believe as long as you don't have any peripherals connected to the Chroma they'll be similar. If you do, they'll eat some bandwidth but since it has 2 TB3 controllers it won't be as bad as the HP Omen Accelerator or the Mantiz Venus (they only have 1 TB3 controller). You get more flexibility with the Chroma though Smile

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