Question about Titan Ridge & similar TB3 expansion cards
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Question about Titan Ridge & similar TB3 expansion cards  


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I have an Asrock Z270 ITX motherboard, which has a JHL6240 TB chip.

The board has a TB3 port, and it works with my eGPU, but I learned that it's only x2, not x4.

Will using a Titan Ridge or similar PCIe TB3 expansion card help get me to full bandwidth? Or will I always be limited by the mobo's controller?

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The Thunderbolt add-in card would need to be installed in the ITX motherboard's PCIe slot or connected to an M.2 slot. It probably won't work because the firmware won't support that configuration and there's no Thunderbolt header to connect the header cable of the Thunderbolt add-in card. It might work if the Thunderbolt device is connected before startup, but hot-plug and sleep would not work.


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