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Questions about the razer core x and pos...

Questions about the razer core x and possible graphics cards  


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Jun 4, 2019 11:55 am  

Hi all,

I am going to buy a dell xps 13 (9380 model) and I want to get a eGPU along with it.
So far I have decided to get the razer core x as it appears to accept the largest graphics cards and I want to get an 2080 Ti.
As to why a 2080 TI and not a cheaper card is that in a year or so I will be making a desktop and plan to reuse that graphics card in the new computer.

For the graphics cards I am trying to decide between the following:
MSI Lightning Z
Aorus Xtreme
Zotac Amp Extreme

Theoretically all of those cards should fit in the core x, however I wanted to know if anyone had a similar setup or had tried any of those models with a core x.

Thanks in advance for the help.  🙂

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