radeon R9 290X, exp GDC v8.5c and powersupply
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radeon R9 290X, exp GDC v8.5c and powersupply  


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I have little to no knowledge of PC building so I'm a bit at a loss for finding the correct power supply.

The requirements for the card are >=500W with one 150W 8-pin PCI Express and one 75W 6-pin PCI Express connector.

Any recommendations? How can I be sure the supply contains both a 150w 8pin and a 75w 6pin?

I was looking at the "EVGA 600 W 80+" which seemed like an okay choice and not too expensive in my country


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@rrrrrrrrr, are you building a PC or an eGPU? If you're connecting the power supply to only an eGPU and not a PC, then it only needs enough power for the GPU so 300W would be enough. The EVGA 600W is plenty.

Most power supplies (like the EVGA 600W) have enough connections for two PCIe 8-pin connectors. Check the specs of the power supply to be sure.


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