Radeon W5700 for MacBook Pro with Bootcamp
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Radeon W5700 for MacBook Pro with Bootcamp  


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I am a Mac user but I use SolidWorks for my work. So I need to use Bootcamp to run SolidWorks.

As everyone know Solidworks required a good amount of GPU so I am about to buy eGPU for this purpose.

I have read that OSX do not support Nvidia so I decide to go with Radeon Pro W5700 as it is in SolidWorks suggestion list.

Sometime I need to work remotely so 1st Enclosure in my list is Akitio Node Titan with alternative choice Razer Core X

My Macbook is 13" Macbook Pro 2020 Core-i5 2.0Ghz with 16GB RAM SSD 1TB

Will bootcamp have any issue with above mentioned setup? Will Final Cut Pro gain full potential from W5700 Pro?

I am very appreciate for any suggestion.

Thank You

To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.


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Other members report the 13” MBP is very difficult to set up with an eGPU in Windows. 

(The 2018/2020 Mac Mini is the easiest Intel Mac to set up and use with an eGPU in Windows Bootcamp. Revit and 3D AutoCAD also perform very well on the Mini). 

A dedicated graphics card is always helpful in driving a large external display, or multiple displays. 

FCP is very very selective about when a GPU or eGPU is used for processing video.  Depending on the task, an eGPU might be used very little in FCP - other than to drive the larger display(s).


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