Razer Blade 15 (i7 8750h + 2080 MaxQ) + eGPU (Nvidia 3000 Series) TB3 Question
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Razer Blade 15 (i7 8750h + 2080 MaxQ) + eGPU (Nvidia 3000 Series) TB3 Question  


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Hey - genuinely hope yall are safe and well!

Could you be so kind to read the below and help a brother out?


Briefly, I travel quite a bit for work and I love playing games.

I usually spend at least 4 months each year in a different Country from the one where I am based. To ensure I could still play games irrelevant to my location, in 2019 I purchased a Blade 15 Advanced Model (the i7 8750H + 2080 MaxQ, etc). I then have a 144hz 1080 Benq Monitor in both countries that I connect via Mini/Display Port. So far (except for the battery bulging - seriously WTF Razer..) this has proven to be a great idea.

With the new 3000 series and games becoming more demanding, yet me wanting to play at 144hz no matter what, I thought I might purchase a Core (or any other eGPU) to keep at home and add a 3070/3080 to it.

Now, from the basic research I did, the Core was developed to be the "muscles" for ultrabooks and the razer stealth, since it does not havbe a dedicated internal GPU, it can support 4 PCI lanes via TB3. On the other hand, my laptop (from my understanding) can only support 3 PCI lane via TB3, thus making the entire ordeal basically almost pointless as I would only gain in lower temps, not in FPS/Performance.

Q1) Is this true or can my laptop actually use the eGPU the way it's meant to be used?

Q2) Will the laptop completely "switch off" the 2080 MaxQ when I plug my eGPU?

Q3) Can I forcefully "switch off" the 2080 MaxQ when I plug my eGPU, but keep the fans (also on the GPU side of the laptop) spinning to cool the i7?

Q4) Can I use both the 2080 MaxQ and the eGPU GPU at the same time, but give them distinct activities? (Ex: Have the eGPU render the game I am playing, while the 2080 MaxQ fully focus on rendering a stream via Nvenc? or use any of the other cool features like the "fake" green screen on the camera, RTX noise suppression etc)

Thanks again for the time taken to read the above.

Wish you all a lovely day!

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@timekillsthem, There's not really a good solution for your use just yet. The newly released ASUS ROG Flow X13 + XG Mobile is as close as it gets. If you are to keep the Blade 15 for a while longer, I would say to open it up for a good clean and replace the battery at the same time. The H-CPU laptops don't have very good Thunderbolt 3 optimization in both hardware and software so adding a more powerful TB3 eGPU may not yield much improvement over the RTX 2080 Max-Q dGPU.

Windows keeps the dGPU active for internal display and use eGPU for connected external monitor/s. You can force-disable the dGPU so that the eGPU can take over handling everything both on internal display and external monitor. There's also a graphics settings to manually assign a specific app to either dGPU or eGPU.


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