Razer Core X w/ AMD rx5700 xt + Desktop mini pc setup?
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Razer Core X w/ AMD rx5700 xt + Desktop mini pc setup?  


Jayden Rhee
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I have a Razer Core X eGPU enclosure and an AMD rx 5700 xt card from XFX and I wanted to see if setting it up with a lower-end mini desktop pc with Thunderbolt 3 would be viable. I've been trying to set up the drivers through Bootcamp on my 2020 13" MacBook Pro but I kept getting the error 207 message at the end of installation or error 12 in the Device Manager.

And I saw some mini desktop pcs online like this one from Intel:


Could I hook up my Razer Core X and an external HDMI monitor to something like this and make it work? The build itself might not make any sense at all practically or financially, but I've been with Apple for 5 years now and I'd like to throw together a rough gaming setup with what I have.

If not, could someone recommend a cheap generic desktop pc that'll work with the Razer Core X? I want to continue using my MacBook for day-to-day stuff but I don't want to splurge on an entire gaming setup.

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@jayden_rhee, Yes it should work nicely. You can see example of NUC + eGPU in our build guides. I have an older NUC7i5 + RX 580 + Zotac AMP Box mini [build link]. It works great as a TV gaming setup.


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