Really scared! x360 Gem Cut 13" i78565 16GB Ram + Aorus Gaming Box 2070  


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March 10, 2019 2:52 pm  

Hello guys,

im pretty new here and im reading a lot in this forum. Thanks you guys did such a good job with it.
I just got my new Gemcut 13" x360 and i wanted to have an eGpu running with it. Using the Notebook mostly for work. On Amazon i found this awsome Deal and i was able to get this Aorus 2070 Gaming Box for just under 600 Dollar with shipping to germany.  But now im scared like hell because i found so many negative reviews. I really dont want to mess with this setup for weeks. I was looking for something i can just plug and play and play some games with it without the need to worry that it will crash every 5 minutes and stuff like that.

I did a clean windows install and installed Windows 10 Pro without the Bloatware. With a lot of searching in the internet i made it happen to install the Thunderbolt Control Center from the Microsoft store (somebody said if you cant make it happen that this Control Center will work you wont be able to update the H2D from the Gamingbox). But the small Thunderboltlogo disappeared after i did. Is that normal? The one in the right hand corner of windows where my bluetooth icon is. What is the difference between the Control Center and the application i had before?

Is there any other Gemcut 13" user with my Setup? How was it ? Is it the "Plug and Play" thing i was looking at or is there any major issues?
I was also reading for this OPI4GT Support a notebook needs to be able to have a gpu running with good results.
I made a screenshot of my ATTO Diskbenchmark and it loos like this:

Is that good enough?

Thank you

EDIT: Oh one more thing. My Aorus Gaming Box isnt here actually. Still on the orderway to germany. It should arrive by next saturday. I just want to make sure that everything is prepared...

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