Recommended video card for 3x 4K monitors?
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[Solved] Recommended video card for 3x 4K monitors?  


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Hi people.

I'm renewing my setup. Right now I have a MacBook Pro 15" late-2016 with 2x 4K monitors (60 Hz). Everything works fine. However, the laptop gets very warm, so I've decided to get an eGPU (Razer Core X) to manage the monitors. Actually, my plan is to purchase another 4K monitor to have 3

I don't have enough knowledge about video cards, so I don't know what GPU do I need to manage 3x 4K monitors. I'm not planing any kind of gaming experience, just my work of web development/design. For example, an AMD RX 570 (4GB) can do the job? I dont't want to buy something very expensive that I'm not going to take advantage of. Hopefully you have a suggestion for me.

Two more questions. Is there some problem if 2 monitors are connected via Display Port and the other via HDMI? (Most GPU that I have see has 2 DP and 2 HDMI ports). Can one Thunderbolt 3 port manage 3x 4K monitors without problems?

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If you simply need to off-load the 4K monitors onto an eGPU, the Sonnet Breakaway Puck 560 is a great choice. It has native support in macOS and 3x DisplayPort outputs. I'd recommend DisplayPort connection over HDMI because HDMI in macOS can sometimes result in low refresh rates (30Hz vs 60Hz).

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