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Heyo! I'm looking to get a setup for an eGPU.
The laptop I have is a Lenovo Yoga 730, and I am in need of a few things for the external GPU.
1. Under 400 Dollars
2. Has additional ports to use so I can store programs that need the horsepower with a Hard Drive or SSD.
Additionally, I would really like at least the power of an RX 570- I am so used to my PC but I have to get rid of it for college, as it is both too bulky and also I need to get a bit of money back for saving later.
Thank you so much for any help!

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If you look on the used market, a Gigabyte RX 580 Gaming Box can be found for $400 or less. You can also go with the Mantiz Venus ($279) and an RX 570/580 for a total of $400. The Mantiz Venus is a better option because you can easily upgrade the GPU at a later time and internal SATA connection lets you mount an SSD with ease.

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