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TBx4 with dGPU + PU questions  


Bartosz Borkowski
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just a quick Q:

I'm wondering if it is possible to build dGPU laptop (with mx150 or 1050) and still retain 4xTB3 port (after disabling dGPU)?

My use case would be mobile laptop, which could allow for light gaming during short weekend trips, but could also act as my main PC when my work sends me somewhere for a few weeks. the problem is - every dGPU laptop I have seen so far has either unknown tb3 connectivity, or is limited to 2x. Is this a design choice, or hard limitation of current gen CPUs?


Another one:

Which CPU is optimal for 1070-1080 gaming setup. Will 15W 8250 be enough, ro should I really aim for 45W models? Also, any chance for TB3 related improvements in upcoming CPUs?




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