Thunderbolt 4 laptop with Thunderbolt 3 EGPU.
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Thunderbolt 4 laptop with Thunderbolt 3 EGPU.  


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Over most of the standards are similar except for the minimum requirements for laptops. What I want to know is that an eGPU, like a Razer Core X for example, runs better and more effectively with a laptop with thunderbolt 4? I feel like it should sense the bandwidth going over the cable is the same, but the PCIe speed is doubling from 16 to 32 GB/s. I was just wondering if they would need to make a thunderbolt 4 variant or it would just improve performance all around.

I basically don't want to buy a new eGPU if I don't have to, and just upgrade my laptop.

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My understanding is that there is no performance difference for eGPU between thunderbolt 3 and 4, in fact I think there are some ways in which 4 performs worse because it is more a jack of all trades and most TB ports are not used for eGPU. This video suggests 3 is better for eGPU than 4:

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